Grosvenor research published

This year Grosvenor Services Group, a UKRPA member, carried out a piece of research in association with Crimestoppers of 2,000 households across the UK. The report explores current attitudes,
as well as investigating which strategies will be most successful at winning over the public’s support in the battle against energy theft.

Some of the key headlines from the research are:

  • 75% of the public do not know how to spot signs of a tamper;
  • 39% of the public are not aware of the safety implications of tampering a meter; and
  • The fact that energy theft adds £20 annually to every bill is not widely known but is a very powerful motivator that increases public anger with the practice.

The findings of the research can be viewed in this report. 

If you have any questions with regards to any of this research, you can contact Grosvenor directly on