Energy Theft Awareness Training

The UKRPA supports its communities, including housing associations, councils, fire services, the police and other public services by offering an energy theft awareness training. The training is also available in Northern Ireland.

This form is to request the UKRPA’s training on energy theft awareness. The training is conducted by a UKRPA Member and can be requested to be in-person or via teleconference. The package includes information on what meter tampering is, the risks associated with energy theft, what to do if energy theft is suspected and information on how to identify the most common forms of tampering.

Once this form is submitted, you will be contacted within two working days to discuss your individual requirements. For more details and information please contact

The UKRPA also supports housing associations through sharing of information via the Landlord Communications Protocol. For further information on the Landlord Communications Protocol, please call the UKRPA Secretary on 020 7090 1070 or email

UKRPA's Energy Theft Awareness Training
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