Member testimonials

“Being the first Natural Gas Network Operator in Northern Ireland, we joined the UKRPA when we discovered we had an issue with meter tampering. As there was no bench mark locally we found the members very helpful and knowledgeable. I found the conferences and the forums very useful as everyone in this type of work is passionate about what they do and are willing to share old stories and new ideas. It is comforting to know that there are others out there facing the same challenges daily and collectively engagement with others can provide solutions in an ever-demanding environment.”

Margaret Connor, Phoenix Natural Gas


“Scottish Power has been a member of the UKRPA since its inception. The Association has offered us an excellent platform to share industry knowledge and best practice with like minded companies across the UK. Standing at the forefront of all matters relating to theft, the UKRPA offers great value for money and a brand we at Scottish Power are always proud to be associated with.”

Ian Main, ScottishPower


“The UKRPA is a unique group of industry professionals who actively work together for the good of the energy industry and the general public. Whether Supplier, Distributor or field investigation providers we’re not in competition and all positively benefit from sharing our experiences and approaches. We can keep customers and our staff safer, disseminate best practice and mitigations for situations of significant vulnerability and reduce the lost and stolen energy that ultimately impacts all of our bills.”

UKRPA Member


“Blackthorne Utilities joined the UKRPA in 2016, following a steady increase in site visit requests requiring a comprehensive Revenue Protection Investigation Service. The decision to join was not simply to raise our profile or legitimise the Blackthorne Utilities Revenue Protection Service proposition, it was an opportunity to access resource to increase knowledge of the legislation and governance surrounding Revenue Protection activities at a time when Consumer vulnerability was a key area of focus and to understand how the challenges this raised were addressed by other Industry participants.

Whilst becoming a member increased visibility of our Revenue Protection service offering, other key benefits are:

  • immediate access to a network of experienced individuals whose focus and/or priority within their businesses is the detection and prevention of energy theft
  • attending the quarterly forums provides opportunity to engage with representatives from other businesses, to share details of any new tampers identified, highlight safety concerns that may impact frontline agents and discuss geographical variances, e.g. Court attendance for warrant signings
  • advance notice of proposed Workshops and a mechanism to propose topics for future sessions and relevant speakers/presenters
  • involvement in focus groups to decide the key focus and content of the biennial UKRPA Conference

The quarterly newsletter includes relevant Industry updates sitting alongside ‘real life experience’ articles submitted by members of the Revenue Protection Community going about their daily work – an ideal opportunity to shout about a job well done!”

Lynne Fallon, Blackthorne Utilities


“At British Gas we’re passionate about keeping our communities safe from those that commit energy theft. We believe that to tackle the problem head on it must be a collaborative effort. The UKRPA is THE platform for this, as like-minded members contribute experiences, create standards and build new guidance to move the industry forward as one.

Sharing best practice with the members of the UKRPA enables fair, consistent customer experiences to be formed and collectively reflecting on our past experiences is a perfect way for us to identify energy theft trends and shape effective deterrents. This shared focus ensures we’re working towards the same goals of deterring energy theft and identifying new tamper types at the earliest opportunity.

The UKRPA provides a positive shared identity for us to rally behind, strengthening our voices which can be lost when driving for change as individuals. So, for us at British Gas being a member of the UKRPA is more than a desire, it’s a forum we’re proud to be a part of and a key to future success.”

British Gas