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Glenn Sheern on the BBCRadio4 You and Yours Programme

UKRPA Chairman Glenn Sheern joined the BBCRadio4 You and Yours programme on Monday 13th June 2022 to discuss the growing concern around people tampering with gas and electric meters. With more videos appearing on social media showing people how to steal energy by tampering with meters, Glenn warns of the dangers and the reasons behind the increase in activity.

If you missed the programme, you can listen here or an overview of the interview can be found here.

UKRPA Seminar 4 – Compliance and Assurance

Register Now: UKRPA Seminar 4 – Compliance and Assurance – 11th March 2020

The fourth and final Seminar of the 2019–20 UKRPA Seminar Programme is taking place at Gemserv offices on Wednesday 11th March 2020!

The fourth Seminar, ‘Compliance and Assurance’, will focus on how Revenue Protection Units can assist their quality management and achievement of excellence, including:

  • Understanding the current RP compliance and assurance framework, and potential implications in the Theft Strategy Review;
  • Designing processes around the consumer;
  • Building effective audit and assurance frameworks;
  • Delivering influential reporting and quality monitoring;
  • Achieving compliance across multiple Suppliers; and
  • Exploring case studies to encourage development of best practice.

This full-day event will appeal to parties in the RP space, particularly those who would like to ensure a high quality and compliant performance, and external Service Providers who manage multiple Suppliers.

UKRPA Members are entitled to two free places each. Non-Members are charged £200 for places, or £100 if you have been referred by a Member. Secure your places by emailing for a registration form.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the Seminar, please email the Secretary.

British Gas Dismantles Cyber Crime Set-Up

When British Gas Revenue Protection (RP) Officers were called to a business unit in South Yorkshire countryside, they found a substantial illegal cyber crime set-up powered by a significant amount of computer hardware – none of the energy for which was being registered. In the main room, the Officers found 200 computer units cooled by industrial fitted air conditioning units. They were met with an alarm and discovered CCTV was watching every room.

The RP Officers immediately contacted Yorkshire Police, who joined them on site within minutes. Investigation has confirmed the unit was an underground Bitcoin mining set-up linked to a known cyber-criminal gang network with involvement in the Dark Web and many other dark illicit activities.

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Grosvenor Services Group Electrical Review Article

In September 2019, Grosvenor Services Group issued a consumer poll asking 1,000 UK billpayers about their attitudes towards the potential amnesty being considered by Ofgem. Following the closure of the poll, Grosvenor Services published an article in the Electrical Review outlining the responses received and detailing the associated benefits and costs that an amnesty would bring.

Grosvenor highlights the low consumer awareness around the safety risks associated with energy theft and confirms the importance of safety being at the forefront of the decision as to whether an amnesty should be implemented. The UKRPA Chairman also commented, confirming the intention for the Association to provide support to Ofgem and Members in this deliberation phase.

This is a great example of our Members taking positive action to increase the public’s awareness around energy theft and meter tampering. We welcome and encourage any other stories you may have which highlight similar messaging.

You can find the full article here.