Our Members

  • Specialised Locksmiths

    Associate Member | https://specialisedlocksmiths.com/ More Details 

    Customer-focused locksmithing services specialising in Gas and Electricity Warrants & Revenue protection | Gaining entry to premises whatever the obstacle | 100% access rate on doors and shutters | 98% Non destructive entry |

  • E.ON

    Full Member | https://www.eonenergy.com/ More Details 

    E.ON are the second largest energy supplier in the UK; supplying c9million customers. We have an internal Revenue Protection technical field resource which covers the majority of our customer base. The Revenue Protection department is part of the E.ON UK Solutions pillar which is run as a separate business function to the supply business.

    0345 302 4330


  • Seeka, part of M Group Services

    Full Member | https://seeka.co.uk/ More Details 

    Seeka provides specialist end-to-end revenue protection services across the utilities market. Our unrivalled range of services and national footprint ensure that insights from across the metering lifecycle are leveraged to maximise revenue protection outcomes for you.

    Email – Revenue.protection@seeka.co.uk

  • ScottishPower

    Full Member | https://www.scottishpower.co.uk More Details 

    Phone – 0800 074 1976 (For MPANs with a prefix of 13000 and 18000)


  • Northern Ireland Electricity Networks

    Full Member | http://www.nie.co.uk/ More Details 

    Northern Ireland Electricity Networks Revenue Protection Unit provides a Revenue Protection function on behalf of all suppliers of electricity in Northern Ireland, in line with an agreed Code of Practice written specifically for the province.

    Customers can report suspected metering equipment interference by any of the following methods:

    Phone – 02895 757286

    Email – Revenue.protection@nienetworks.co.uk

  • Northern Powergrid

    Full Member | http://www.northernpowergrid.com/ More Details 

    We are the electricity distributor for 8 million people across the Northeast, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. We distribute electricity to 3.9 million homes and businesses across the region through our network of substations, overhead power lines and underground cables. We are a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, which also owns other energy companies – mainly in North America. We provide a theft in conveyance service throughout our service areas. We do not offer a commercial revenue protection service to electricity suppliers.

    Suspected theft in conveyance can be reported by any of the following methods:

    North East – 0800 668 877

    Yorkshire – 0800 375 675

    Email – General.Enquiries@northernpowergrid.com

  • British Gas

    Full Member | https://www.britishgas.co.uk/ More Details 

    For Reports of Electricity or Gas Abstraction please contact:

    Phone – 0333 202 9596

    Email – RevProEl@centrica.com

  • OVO (s) Electricity Limited

    Full Member | https://www.ovoenergy.com/ More Details 

    If OVO branded customers need to report energy theft:

    Call us on 0330 3035 063 or email us at power.theft@ovo.com

  • Haste Ltd

    Full Member | https://www.hastemeteringservices.co.uk/ More Details 

    Haste Ltd is an established nationwide revenue protection service, working with many UK suppliers. Haste are fully accredited and offer a full end to end service for both electric and gas, these services include:

    • Response to all category jobs with full in house technical staff.
    • Full UK coverage.
    • Single, three phase and commercial (including CT).
    • Full warrant process.
    • Real time reporting, including police statements and geographic / date stamped photos.
    • Evidence collection and storage.
    • Meter installation, including SMART meters.

    Phone – 01530 517 960

    Email – RPServices@hasteltd.co.uk

  • EDF

    Full Member | http://www.edfenergy.com/ More Details 

    For Reports of Electricity or Gas Abstraction please contact:

    Phone – 0333 009 7002

    Email – RPScontactus@edfenergy.com

  • Secure Meters

    Associate Member | http://www.securemeters.com/ More Details 

    Secure Meters (UK) Ltd has been one of the leading providers of electronic metering in UK since it was formed as Polymeters Response International Ltd (PRI Ltd) in 1988. Secure Meters Group has been in the business of energy measurement for more than 20 years and has an installed base of over 12.5M meters worldwide spread over more than 50 countries.

    Revenue Protection is a particular expertise within the company with many years experience operating in developing energy markets around the world. It is likely that we have already faced and managed the RP metering issues you face today.

    Secure is leading the deployment of Smart Metering projects in the mandated rollout in Victoria, Australia, which is generally regarded as the most function-rich deployment of smart metering around the world. These projects involve WAN, outage detection, provision of DNO data from each metering point, remote download of firmware, and adoption of HAN for in home displays.

    Secure Meters is heavily involved in the consultation process for the UK Smart Metering Programme, Secure is engaged in Smart Homes and customer engagement to achieve energy awareness, leading to more efficient use of energy and reductions of costs and CO2 , Secure group company Horstmann Controls is leading the debate, providing intelligent Home Gateways and Intelligent Heating Controls.

    For more information contact: sales_uk@securemeters.com

  • IMServ

    Full Member | https://imserv.com/ More Details 

    IMServ has a rich heritage in Data Collection and Metering services, covering 25% of the UK’s entire electricity consumption with over 250,000 metering points. Our specialist end-to-end energy management solutions, combined with experienced engineers, extensive industry knowledge and a powerful web tool, Energy DataVision, can deliver tangible energy, carbon and cost savings to your organisation, by giving you access to data intelligence on ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ you are using energy.

    Phone – 01908 257709
    Email – contactus@imserv.com

  • Jersey Electricity Plc

    Associate Member | https://www.jec.co.uk/ More Details 

    Lead Contact:

    Name – Madison Myrfield

    Email – MMyrfield@jec.co.uk

  • Blackthorne Utilities

    Full Member | http://www.blackthorneutilities.co.uk/ More Details 

    We offer efficient, reliable, cost-effective, value-adding revenue protection services, designed to support electricity, gas and water suppliers on commercial and residential accounts. Enabling them to save time and resources on a range of services including:

    • Revenue Protection Visits (Commercial and Domestic)
    • Faulty Meter Visits
    • TRAS Investigation Visits
    • Gas and Electricity Theft Detection Incentive Scheme (GTDIS/ETDIS)
    • Meter Inspections
    • Meter Reading and Data Aggregation
    • Non Vend or Payment Issues
    • Crossed Metering
    • Trace and Label
    • Section 17 of P.A.C.E/Police Statement Requests
    • Continuity of Evidence and Documenting
    • Resolution Visits
    • Cash Collection
    • PDV Visits
    • Void and Vacant Visits
    • Warrant Application
    • Warrant and Isolation Attendances
    • Vulnerability Visits
    • Information Gathering Visits

    Blackthorne is proud to have achieved its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

    Phone – 0114 236 5042

    24-hour contact – 07774 982531

    Email – Enquiries@blackthorneutilities.co.uk

  • Manx Utilities

    Associate Member | https://www.manxutilities.im/ More Details 

    Lead Contact:

    Name – Graeme Hatcher

    Phone – 01624 687775


  • Phoenix Energy Group Limited

    Associate Member | https://phoenixenergyni.com/ More Details 

    For more information about Phoenix Energy and Revenue Protection Services please contact the following:

    Phone – 028 90555582

  • UK Power Networks

    Associate Member | http://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/ More Details 

    UK Power Networks does not offer a Revenue Protection Service to external parties. Please contact the registered Supplier. Emergency situations (arcing, sparking, the smell of burning) necessitating a ‘make-safe’ attendance may be passed to our 24-hr Service Delivery Centre on 0800 316 3105.

  • Utilita

    Associate Member | http://www.utilita.co.uk/ More Details 

    Phone – 01962 891164

    Email – revenueprotection@utilita.co.uk

  • ESB Networks

    Associate Member | https://www.esbnetworks.ie/ More Details 

    ESB Networks is responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of the electricity distribution system in the State.

    The electricity distribution network includes all distribution stations, overhead electricity lines, poles and underground cables that are used to bring power to Ireland’s 2.3 million domestic, commercial and industrial customers. ESB is also a meter operator, who install, maintain and read the meters of 2.3 million electricity customers up to four times annually and provide this information to suppliers.

    Phone – 1850 211827

    Email – REVP.esbnetworks@esb.ie

  • Mercia Utility Services Limited

    Associate Member | https://www.merciauk.com/ More Details 

    Mercia Utility Services specialises in face to face nationwide field services; we act as the customer facing support for utility companies. Mercia offers an end to end tamper and theft of utility service including:

    • Investigation visits
    • Full reporting including photos and suggestions for further action
    • Working as multi-disciplinary team with engineers, DNO, MOP/ MAM, police, locksmiths, courts and utility provider to achieve the best service
    • Providing evidence to prosecute and to calculate consumption
    • Back office support to assist with the entire process




    Phone – 01827 318 350

  • SSE Business Energy

    Associate Member | https://www.ssebusinessenergy.co.uk/ More Details 

    SSE Business Energy supplies around 500,000 electricity and gas metering points. We are one of the UK’s leading energy companies, involved in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity and in the extraction, storage, distribution and supply of gas. At SSE we believe in making a difference, and our job is to provide the energy people need in a safe, reliable and sustainable way. At SSE our number one value is safety, if it’s not safe – we don’t do it.

    Phone – 0345 070 9034

    Email – business.energytheft@sse.com

  • Engage Services (ESL) Limited

    Full Member | https://www.marstonholdings.co.uk/engage/ More Details 

    Engage Services are a fully accredited field services business offering a full end to end Revenue Protection solution on both gas and electricity throughout the full UK.

    Some of the services we offer;

    • All categories of work carried out using our in-house engineers
    • Investigation, make safe and full meter inspection
    • Legacy / SMART metering installation + commissioning
    • Full investigation reporting Inc. photos/statements
    • Evidence retention / storage
    • Full court and warrant capability
  • Octopus Energy

    Full Member | http://www.octopus.energy/ More Details 

    Octopus Energy supplies renewable energy that’s good for the planet, good for your wallet, and, honestly, good for your soul.

    Email: energy.theft@octoenergy.com
    Phone: 0808 16401088



    Full Member | https://mpaas.co.uk/ More Details 

    MPAAS supports domestic and commercial UK energy suppliers to deliver an end to end, seamless metering solution.  The MPAAS solution offers both the consumer and supplier more than just a meter installation and maintenance service. Whilst ensuring safety and quality we empower suppliers and consumers through our technology led solution.

    Email: hello@mpaas.co.uk

    Phone: 0161 513 3535

  • RECCo

    Associate Member | https://www.retailenergycode.co.uk/ More Details 

    RECCo is an independent, proactive, and forward-looking non-profit company set up to simplify, improve, and facilitate innovation in the Retail Energy Market. Through leading on change to the Retail Energy Code, we will promote positive outcomes for consumers whilst making the market work more efficiently and effectively for our stakeholders

    Retail Energy Code Company | For the energy industry and consumers