What is Energy Theft?

Energy Theft is an international problem. It was estimated in 2022 that energy theft costs consumers up to £1.4 billion annually. These costs have to be passed to customers in the form of higher electricity charges.

We have posted this form for you to report any situation you believe that Energy Theft is taking place. Tampering with mains electrical equipment is an extremely dangerous practice. There is a danger of shock or fire to the perpetrators, and often-innocent family members, friends and neighbours. These conditions can lead to property damage, personal injury and even death.

Energy Theft is a crime, and the offence is as follows:

Abstracting Electricity, contrary to section 13 of the Theft Act, 1968. A person who dishonestly uses without due authority or dishonestly causes to be wasted or diverted any electricity on conviction or indictment be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

Please be assured that the source of reports and their details will remain confidential. Information will be forwarded by secure means to the appropriate company in the area where the situation is reported. The company will then investigate as necessary.