About the Dangers of Meter Tampering

Are you sure your Property is Safe?

The UK has a population of millions who own, let or rent property. Owning a property is a good investment. Renting a property means it’s easy and quick to move. But all new occupiers are reliant on the previous occupiers to have left the property in a safe condition.

It could be you

Whether you are a single property owner living in your home or letting it, or the manager of a large consortium with hundreds of tenants your problems, where meter fraud is concerned, are the same.

The methods that people use to steal electricity are more often than not a real danger to LIFE and PROPERTY.

Depending on your circumstances these actions could place you in danger and possibly in a position of real financial burden.

This is a short statement to make you all aware of the possible pitfalls where you are concerned when trusting your property to others.

Should you have any concerns please use this site to either contact us or report an occurrence. Join us in our mission to protect and combat meter fraud.