Crimestoppers launches meter tampering campaign

Crimestoppers, the independent crime-fighting charity, has today launched a campaign to tackle meter tampering, a common form of energy theft.

In addition to the increased costs that energy theft can place onto honest customer bills, tampering is a crime that can have very real and dangerous consequences like fires and explosions, which threaten the lives and homes of innocent people. Crimestoppers plays a unique role in tackling crime in the UK, by providing an anonymous reporting service for people to come forward without fearing the repercussions from the community or criminals themselves.

In this campaign, Crimestoppers is using methods to reach as many people as possible in the Newcastle and Gateshead area to inform them of the criminal and safety consequences and signs to spot energy theft. Activity is also taking place to directly disrupt those who might be tempted to tamper.

Tony Thornton, Chairman of the UKRPA, is quoted in a Press Release published today: “Energy theft is a serious and dangerous issue with significant impacts on local communities. Tampering with a gas or electricity meter can lead to fire, explosion, electrocution and death. The dangers of meter tampering are not confined to the individual – fire can spread, explosions can destroy neighbouring homes and attending emergency services are put at serious risk.

“The UK Revenue Protection Association and its members are committed to detecting and preventing meter tampering and its associated dangers, through the sharing of best practice, education and awareness.”

Find out about the campaign and watch the video here.