Maun Industries

Company Profile

Maun Industries has been making pliers since 1944. But not ordinary pliers. We make pliers with a unique feature – the jaws always move in parallel.

Parallel Is Better

Our parallel pliers are better than conventional pliers that have a scissor action.

  • They grip better, especially nuts and bolts.
  • They make straightening wire easy.
  • You need less handle force for equal jaw pressure.

We Solve Problems

We develop pliers like nobody else. Designing and engineering them to do things that others simply don’t know how to. We offer a collection of specialist pliers, each designed to do a particular job. To do it right, first time, no compromise.

We are restless at Maun, always looking for a new problem to solve. Our meter sealing system is a perfect example.

Meter Sealing System

Developed in the 1980s, Maun’s system replaced traditional lead seals. The aim was to reduce the incidence of fraud and the number of injuries to consumers attempting to abstract power.

Maun’s meter sealing system is fully integrated. We manufacture the wires, ferrules and pliers in-house. Our specialist sealing pliers reliably produce a seal that is double MOCOPA requirements. The ratchet mechanism ensures the ferrule is crimped to withstand a 400 N tensile load. The ferrule cannot be removed from the plier unless fully crimped. The tool’s compound lever action makes this possible with one-handed operation.

Each sealing plier imprints a unique code on the ferrule. This provides traceability to the company and individual engineer sealing the meter. In addition to supplying hardware, Maun maintains a log of all meter sealing tools ever issued. We also provide a destruction service, guaranteeing secure disposal of obsolete pliers.

In the UK, Maun’s meter sealing system is only sold to signatories of MOCOPA. The system is also used in a number of other markets worldwide, with the sale of sealing pliers and supplies strictly controlled to avoid fraud.

Maun also sells a number of other innovative tools to the utility industry:

  • A specialist diagonal cutting plier with compound lever action for cutting sealing wire.
  • A gas meter installation spanner set designed for service engineers working in tight spaces.
  • A highly effective shear bolt removal tool for efficient replacement of gas meters.

The Specialist Plier Specialists

The beating heart of our business is our ISO 9001 accredited factory in Nottinghamshire, near Sherwood Forest. Here, we have a skilled team of engineers, machinists and assemblers. The longest serving joined Maun before Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. On average they have 25 years’ plier-making experience.

Every day, they transform high grade steels into innovative, problem-solving pliers. Pliers that are trusted to do the job, precision-made, durable, yet affordable.

We are the specialist plier specialists. That’s why we are no ordinary plier maker. And have been since 1944.

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