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Why is the UKRPA so important? 

The UKRPA is committed to raising awareness of the dangers and consequences of energy theft and ensuring collaboration & best practice is promoted across the industry. It also  actively engages with other organisations such as Local Councils, Housing Associations, and the emergency services across the UK to develop understanding and provide support for identifying and reporting energy theft.

What is the cost of energy theft to the UK? 

The Retail Energy Code Company released a report in January 2023 that estimates that energy theft costs consumers up to £1.4 billion yearly.

Has an increase in energy theft been seen considering the current energy crisis? 

The UKRPA has conducted its own analysis into energy theft reports received by the UKRPA. The number of energy theft reports into the UKRPA increased by 61% in 2022 compared to those received in 2021.

What is the UKRPA doing to tackle energy theft? 

The UKRPA is actively engaging with Local Councils, Housing Associations, and their contractors by delivering Revenue Protection Awareness Training. These organisations and their staff enter properties and may come into contact with energy theft or be able to identify it occurring. The aim is to increase the amount of “educated eyes” on the meter as well as keeping their staff safe, promoting that energy theft is a crime, a risk to life and property and how to report it.

It also regularly liaises with police forces and fire services to ensure UK communities are kept safe and works hard to combat the misinformation seen online.

I would like some information for a story, who can I speak to at the UKRPA? 

Email UKRPA@Gemserv.com to request a scheduled call with a representative from the Association.