British Gas Limited

Company Profile

British Gas is one of the largest Energy and Home Services providers in the UK.

For over 200 years customers have welcomed us into their homes, and that’s why we’re committed to the customers and communities that we serve.

Our vision is to do what’s right, to make a difference, and as a business we’re doing this in three ways –

  • Help people who need extra support
  • Build the skills Britain needs to power its future
  • Support communities up and down the country

With this vision in mind our Revenue Protection Unit finds itself with a great responsibility. A responsibility to do what’s right by all customers, no matter their circumstances.

Within the RPU, detecting Energy Theft is more than a re-active challenge. Our passion is to detect and deter, to educate, and to keep our customers safe. This is why we’re pro-active in our approach, searching out Energy Theft in customers’ homes and businesses across the UK.

Our officers use local knowledge, intuition, and networking to drive opportunities, whilst our analysts spend countless hours interrogating our accounts. All with one common goal – to detect Energy Theft.

This drive and determination means we visit over 30,000 customers each year, and resolve almost 10,000 cases of Energy Theft, equating to 38% of all theft detection across the industry. Almost 1,000 of these are Businesses, and another 1,000 are cannabis farms, all of which have a significant impact on our business, our customers, and our carbon footprint.

Most importantly, every single case of Energy Theft is a chance to educate customers on the dangers of tampering, to prevent future offences. In any given year we spend around 50,000 hours in customers properties, and we take every opportunity to have meaningful conversations, understanding the root cause and motivations, and to offer support to those who need it.

This is how we reach people, how we make a difference, how we do what’s right.