UKRPA Members: Outsourced Services

Some Distribution Businesses are withdrawing their commercial revenue protection services, meaning that those requiring such services may struggle to find alternative providers. In an effort to help such organisations find alternative provisions, the UKRPA has listed below the names and contact details of the UKRPA members that are able to offer revenue protection services on a commercial basis.

British Gas

Nationwide revenue protection investigation services for theft of gas and abstraction of electricity cases on residential and commercial portfolios. Contact


Nationwide investigation services, including resolving perceived irregularities. Further associated activities including of policies, provision of relevant paperwork, identification of vulnerable customers and evidence gathering. Contact 01827 318 377 or

Scottish Power

Fully managed end-to-end revenue protection activities for abstraction of electricity in MPAN areas 13 (Merseyside/Northern Wales) and 18 (Southern Scotland). Email or telephone: 0800 074 1976.

Western Power Distribution

Full revenue protection service for abstraction of electricity in the following MPAN areas: 10 (Eastern England); 12 (London); 17 (Northern Scotland); 19 (South Eastern England); 20 (Southern England). Contact 0845 603 1144 and ask to speak to Richard Brant or Heath Watts-Robinson or email

SSE Metering Limited Revenue Services

Nationwide electricity revenue protection service, including electricity supply theft services, distribution theft (theft in conveyance) services, and warrant enforcement services. Please contact, 07767 852 811.

Electricity North West

Full revenue protection service for electricity suppliers in the MPAN area 16 (North Western England). Contact, 0800 0015 269, or for theft in conveyance, 0800 0483 599. Alternatively visit

ABM Utility Solutions

Nationwide domestic and commercial revenue protection service; please email or telephone 0116 296 4174.



Please note that there may be other organisations that are not UKRPA members and who may also be in a position to offer revenue protection services.